Cranes4cranes compilation

"Just keep on operating while we buy or sell for you!"

One of our added values is taking care of the presentation of equipment, wich is available on our portal. Take a look at this compilation with some of the video's we made in 2015!

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Van Seumeren - An Enterprising Family

The Cranes4Cranes team would like to congratulate the Van Seumeren family with this impressive biography about their legacy. In late May 2015, the first part in a series of three books will be issued about ‘Van Seumeren - An Enterprising Family’.

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Liebherr LG 1750 delivered to new owner

Cranes4Cranes delivered the Liebherr LG 1750 to a new owner. They will be using this impressive mobile crane with a capacity of 750 metric ton for heavy lifting projects.

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16 axles modular trailer Scheuerle K100 delivered.

Trucks4Trailers supplied these 16 axles Scheuerle K100 modular trailer.

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Cranes4Cranes present at ESTA Users Night and Awards in Paris

Cranes4Cranes was present at ESTA Users Night and Awards in Paris where the team was once again providing free drinks (and advice) to our relations. Thanks for being there and if you missed us we woul...

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Franna's Pick and carry cranes

Why pick and carry cranes are famous in Australia?

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