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Cranes 4 Cranes "All Inclusive" principle (P.E.S.A.T.)
Are you looking to sell your crane for the BEST price at low costs?
There are several reasons to sell your crane. It becomes a surplus in your fleet, it will reach a certain age or your project is finished?
To achieve the best price for your used crane you need a global network, expertise and the right people.

The Cranes4Cranes team works according the P.E.S.A.T principle, with the following steps:

  1. Pricing > Owner and C4C determine a sales price.
  2. Exclusivity > Owner and C4C sign an exclusivity contract.
  3. Selling >C4C sells pro active via their global network and portal.
  4. After sales >C4C draws up contract of sale and finalizes deal including payments.
  5. Transfer > Equipment is ready for shipment/transfer.

If C4C is NOT successful in selling your equipment, there are NO COSTS involved!

  • No surprises, games and hassle free!
  • Transparency on pricing and conditions!
  • Anonymous publishing if needed!

Sell a crane

Why sell a crane via C4C?
  • Achieve the best price for low costs!
  • By sale no hassle! No sale no fee!
  • Global network, over 30.000 contacts worldwide!
  • We take care of the sales process, while you continue to operate!
  • Time your sale, to achieve the best price!
  • Full payment before delivery!
  • Trustful partnership!
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