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Linkbelt, manufacturer of cranes for over a century now, produces an array of hoisting machinery, including rough terrain, all-terrain, and crawler cranes. Find your Linkbelt crane by becoming a Cranes4Cranes member. After registering you will have access to our real-time, online database with hundreds of listings. And the best part of it all: every crane offered is guaranteed and exclusively available on Cranes4Cranes. This way, you always have the first look.

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Sellers also enjoy excellent conditions at Cranes4Cranes. Listing your crane with us means reaching a potential customer base of 15.000 individuals worldwide. Plus, you will have the option to time your sale to achieve the best possible price. Leave it up to us to take care of the product presentation, the necessary contacts with buyers, and any paperwork. All we ask in return is a fixed commission based on the minimum sales price. Of course, this applies only if you make a successful sale.

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